August 7, 2018 Update
The 2018 Sacramento OEC class is cancelled due to low enrollment.  Please explore one of the other OEC classes in the area and make sure to contact the instructor ASAP:

South Bay:, IOR Bill Booth
East Bay:, IOR Emmett Peck
Tahoe City: September:, IOR Olivier Fontana
Northstar OEC Intensive:, IOR Dave Rozzi

The Sacramento Summer OEC class will meet every Tuesday and Thursday starting Tuesday August 7, 2018.  The class will run from 6:30 to 10:00 in the evening.  Note that the class requires at least 8 students to occur.  I do not recommend signing up through NSP too early.  Contact me at for questions about the class.  I will update you as the student grows.

Prior to the first class you will need to obtain the book (follow the instructions under "Get the Book" to get the NSP discounts) and read Chapters 1 through 7.  Also, each student is expected to be familiar with the assessment protocol prior to Class 1 (linked on the 'Assessment' tab).  You should print out the Assessment Protocol and bring it to the first class so that you can personalize it as we practice.

Please look at the 'course preparation' and 'Assessment' tabs and explore the links.