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Currently, we have no intention of canceling the 2020 class. We will continue to evaluate interest and the situation and make changes if they are warranted. 

As ski patrollers we perform many functions for our mountains such as hill maintenance, customer service, medical response and yes, we do ski too. While the job is very rewarding and fun, our primary task on the hill is to lend medical assistance to customers.

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is the National Ski Patrol's medical first responder training program. It is equivalent to the EMT program with small differences related to the working environment. The program educates a patrol candidate to deal with the primary function of a patroller, medical care. Through this training, you will be prepared to administer medical aid to acute trauma and emerging medical deficiencies in the field, stabilize the patient and provide accurate, relevant information to higher care during hand off. 

The Sacramento OEC class is held annually between August and November and is a full semester class. 

Contact the instructor at for questions about the class or to begin the process of joining this year's training.

Day in the life of patrol.